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Welcome to Brownsville Academy High School We are a school community dedicated to providing a nurturing, safe, student-centered environment for all students including those with special needs and English language learners to mature and develop as productive members of society. Our goal is to foster the development of our students to achieve academic excellence by engaging in community service with collaborative partnerships with parents, faculty and community organizations through internships and college experiences that will guide them towards professional success.

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BAHS has been selected to become a Community School!

September 17th, 2014|0 Comments

Exciting News! Brownsville Academy High School has been selected to become a Community School! What Is a Community School? A community school is a partnership between school staff, families, youth, and the communities to [...]

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Programs & Services

As we work toward making our scholars goal-driven, community-minded leaders, one of the requirements of a Brownsville Academy High School Scholar is to commit to a minimum of 30 hours of community service each school year. Allowing scholars to volunteer in their community not only exposes them to aspects of their community of which they may not be aware, it allows them to build partnerships, develop a stronger sense of themselves and reflects a high level of commitment and dedication. Community service also affords scholars with opportunities to explore potential career paths, which can narrow their focus as they transition to college and careers.Tab Content
Each scholar at Brownsville Academy High School has an opportunity to participate in a paid internship through our Learn to Work Program. We believe that exploring multiple job opportunities is an important part of the academic process and gaining work experience is an excellent way for scholars to acquaint themselves with a field that they may transition to after leaving college. Through internships, scholars gain communication and interpersonal skills, job responsibility and learn about team work. By the time they graduate, scholars have a new level of confidence and knowledge about a specific occupation that they may not have been able to obtain through a classroom experience.
As we prepare scholars for the rigors of college and careers, Brownsville Academy High School provides opportunities for scholars to have exposure to college level courses while in a high school setting. This is offered through our Honors and Advance Placement (AP) Courses. Through our Honors and AP programs, scholars have the opportunity to participate in such courses as AP Literature and Composition and AP Statistics through our AP Expansion program. Scholars will also have exposure to additional college-aligned courses such as College Writing and Research.Tab Content
College Now is CUNY’s largest collaborative program with the New York City secondary public school system. The program offers dual enrollment and college-readiness programs for high school scholars throughout New York City. The goal of College Now is to help scholars meet high school graduation requirements and prepare for success in college, both academically and socially. College Now courses are designed with the goal of enhancing performance on Regents and CUNY placement exams so that scholars will be able to enroll in college without the need for remediation. Brownsville Academy High School has established partnerships with such schools as John Jay, Medgar Evers and Brooklyn College to expose scholars to the college experience with the goal of scholars matriculating into the college of their choice.Tab Content
Brownsville Academy High School provides opportunities for scholars to accelerate their credits with blended courses through our Innovative Zone (iZone) program. In addition, we offer Saturday School and opportunities for scholars to earn credits through our College Now Dual Enrollment Program. We also follow a trimester schedule, which allows scholars opportunities to earn up to eighteen (18) credits between the months of September and June.Tab Content
According to the U.S. Department of Education, “in high school, (scholars) who had been in smaller classes had significantly lower drop-out rates, higher grades, and received better results on their college entrance exams.” Smaller class sizes afford scholars an opportunity to receive individualized and rigorous instruction. Teachers are able to identify and address areas of need in a timely manner and are able to hold weekly conferences with scholars, which significantly decreases the chances of scholars failing and repeating courses. Smaller class sizes provide opportunities for teachers to build stronger relationships with a scholar which is in direct alignment with the Citywide Instruction Expectation Knowledge of Students. t